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The New Era of Roofing: Embracing Sustainability with Platform Pro

November 7, 2023by @admin-platformpro0

Hello there, friends, clients, and fellow advocates of a greener future. I’m Cully Cangelosi, the president of Platform Pro, and I’m here to share a story—a narrative of innovation, responsibility, and a vision for a sustainable roofing industry.

In a world that’s rapidly awakening to the importance of environmental stewardship, the construction sector, particularly roofing, finds itself at a crossroads. How do we balance the necessity for durable, long-lasting materials with the imperative to reduce our environmental footprint?

Enter Platform Pro, born from the simple idea that sustainability and functionality can—and should—go hand-in-hand.

For years, the standard practice in our industry has been to remove and discard roofing platforms whenever a roof needed re-roofing. Not only was this wasteful, it was a lost opportunity to do better by our planet. It got us thinking—what if we could create a roof platform that didn’t need to be removed? What if it could be adjusted, reused, and ultimately recycled?

This wasn’t just a ‘what if’ scenario—it was a challenge we were determined to meet. And we did, with the creation of Platform Pro, the first AC roof platform that’s as steadfast in its position as we are in our environmental commitment.

Crafted from 100% recyclable materials, Platform Pro is a testament to the philosophy that what we build today shouldn’t harm our tomorrow. It is designed to outlast the elements and the test of time, resilient against the UV rays that have long been the nemesis of lesser materials. And when the time does come for re-roofing, there’s no need for the arduous process of removal. Simply replace the four split boots on each leg, and the platform is as good as new.

Our patented design isn’t just about withstanding Wisconsin’s winds or the changing global climate—it’s also about leveling the playing field for our rooftops. Adjustable from 0/12 to 12/12 pitches, Platform Pro stands as a paragon of versatility, ready to be tailored to any roof’s needs, ensuring it remains level even when the surface below is not.

Innovation in design also means simplicity in installation. We’ve ensured that the assembly of Platform Pro requires no more than an hour of your time, a small investment for a solution that lasts a lifetime. We include all the necessary hardware in each kit, so there are no last-minute runs to the hardware store, no frustration—just the satisfaction of a job well done.

But perhaps what fills me with the most pride is Platform Pro’s environmental friendliness. Our systems never rot, never leak, and can be fully recycled—principles that are increasingly becoming the cornerstone of modern construction practices. In a climate of change, our product stands firm, not just on your roofs, but in our shared responsibility towards the planet.

I envision a future where every roofing project begins with consideration for its end-of-life impact. Where sustainability isn’t a luxury, but a given. At Platform Pro, we’re not just building for today; we’re paving the way for a more responsible industry that holds itself accountable for the world it shapes.

So here’s to the next step in our journey. To the architects, builders, and homeowners who join us on this path—we’re excited to partner with you in creating a legacy of sustainable innovation.

We are more than just a company; we are a community. A community that looks above to the roofs that shelter us and beyond to the sky that unites us, committed to safeguarding both.

Thank you for being a part of this journey. Together, let’s raise the roof to new sustainable heights.

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