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Pitched Roof Aluminum Walk Way



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Provide Safe, Designated Access Around the Rooftop Environment

KATTWALK™ permanent walkway is a lightweight, non-corrosive aluminum walkway system which provides safe, designated access around the rooftop environment.

It offers a great way to help your workers stay safe, meets OSHA walkway requirements, and provides easier access to equipment.

The mill finish aluminum material ensures excellent aesthetics that complement the architecture of any building.

These walkway systems are held in stock, ready to ship and can be customized on-site to meet your requirements.

Walkway Safety Systems

  • Eliminates damage to roof surfaces
  • Non-penetrating option available
  • Simple, quick installation
  • Advanced, multi-directional non-slip surface
  • Meets OSHA walkway requirements

Is built for safety and flexibility. It uses high-tensile strength aluminum that’s both lightweight and durable, making it long-lasting and easy to install. We supply in KATTWALK ™ various lengths, and we cut the panels to length and angle on-site according to your rooftop’s size and shape.

Fasteners are also selected according to the roof at hand. Metal roof panels usually use specialist rivets with the walkway batten, and standing seam roof profiles typically use non-penetrating clamps. The non-penetrating walkway system is suited for membrane and built-up roof systems.

Aluminum access walkways add safety in several different ways. The walkway levels out slanted or rough rooftops, providing a sturdy, stable surface for workers to cross. At the same time, it creates a high-grip surface that’s perfect for work boots to grab onto and gain secure traction, even in wet or rainy conditions. With a KATTWALK ™ guardrail attached, workers can also rely on a grab bar to help them stay steady as they cross the roof. This feature is particularly useful in windy weather.

Why Use an Aluminum Walkway System?

Aluminum roof access walkways for safety are often a key part of creating a safe environment for people working at heights. They can also be a big help from a business standpoint. Here’s how:

  • They keep you compliant: Most rooftop work needs to comply with standards from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), so having the right safety features in place can help you rest easier knowing your workers are better protected. Our walkway systems satisfy OSHA walkway requirements, to help keep your workers safe and construction standards high. You can also combine our aluminum walkway systems with other safety features, like guardrails and fall protection systems.
  • They protect your roof: Foot traffic across the roof can contribute to early wear and uneven degradation. KATTWALK™ aluminum walkways provide more even distribution and keep foot traffic off the rooftop.
  • They’ll make equipment easier to access: The harder it is to get to your equipment, the less likely it is to get taken care of – and the riskier the job will ultimately be. An aluminum access walkway makes it much easier to get to tools and machinery, a factor that’s essential for regularly-accessed components.
  • They significantly increase safety: An aluminum rooftop walkway system offers workers much safer access to your building’s roof than most antiquated surfaces. The aluminum walkway surface provides them more comfort since it eliminates many risks associated with trips and falls. Rooftop walkways also provide safer access, corrosion resistance and slip resistance when surfaces may be wet or icy from inclement weather.

You can easily incorporate KATTGUARD™ modular guardrails on one or both sides of the walkway systems. Between our walkways, guardrails and high-traction mats, you can create a safer rooftop environment for workers that offers support for poor weather, uneven surfaces and general movement.


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