PlatForm Pro Makes It Possible to Never Remove AC Units from Roofs Again

THE PLATFORM PRO Permanent & adjustable solutions for rooftop HVAC installs.

As a seasoned roofing contractor, Cully understood the problems associated with working around cooling units on flat and pitched roofs. Traditionally, the units had to be removed and later re-installed by an HVAC technician each time a roof needed an installation or coating application. The process was time-consuming, expensive and put more ware and tear on the roof and the cooling units.

Years of research, testing and development have been invested in the patent pending PlatForm Pro to make it durable and quick and easy to assemble. It has adjustable and leveling features to accommodate flat roofs, uneven roof surfaces and pitched roofs. A wind-resistant feature is also available. PlatForm Pro stands by their product with a lifetime warranty on workmanship.