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Elevate Your Equipment Knowledge: A Dive into Pitched Roof, Flat Roof, and Rooftop Equipment Stands!

October 13, 2023by @admin-platformpro0
Hello to all my passionate architects, engineers, and everyone keen to maximize their space! Cully Cangelosi here, President of Platform Pro. Over the years, we’ve worked with a myriad of platform solutions for mechanical equipment, and I’m always excited to share what I’ve learned. Let’s discuss the thrill of finding the perfect space for your equipment – whether it’s a pitched roof, flat roof, or rooftop equipment stand. Each one offers its unique flair, so let’s jump right in!

Pitched Roof Condenser Stands:
The High Points:
  1. Maximized Airflow: Thanks to that natural elevation, these bad boys are champions at enhancing equipment efficiency through improved airflow. It’s all about letting the equipment breathe!
  2. Drainage Superstars: With the gradient in your favor, water won’t dare pool around your unit. We’re talking top-notch protection against moisture damage.
  3. Master of Space: Pitched roofs are often overlooked treasures. Utilizing them means maximizing your real estate.
The Challenges:
  1. Tricky Installation: That gradient that helps with drainage? Yep, it can be a tad tricky when you’re setting up.
  2. Maintenance Maneuvers: Your maintenance crew might need a few extra yoga classes, as servicing on a slope can be a stretch (pun intended!).
My Take? If you’re into maximizing airflow and efficient drainage, this is a standout option. Just be ready for that slope!
Flat Roof Condenser Stands:
The High Points:
  1. Simplicity at Its Best: Ah, the beauty of a flat surface. Installations are often as smooth as a waltz.
  2. Rock-Solid Stability: With an even foundation, these stands are as sturdy as they come.
  3. Maintenance Dream: For technicians, this is often like working on a canvas. Easy access, easy servicing.
The Challenges:
  1. Water, Water Everywhere: Without the natural drainage of a slope, there’s a chance of water pooling. Keep an eye out!
  2. Heat Wave: Flat roofs can be sunbathers. They sometimes soak up more heat, which might require a touch of cooling strategy.
My Take? For those seeking simplicity and ease, flat roof stands are golden. Just ensure you have a water drainage game plan!
Rooftop Equipment Stands:
The High Points:
  1. Space Utilization Kings: Rooftops are like the penthouses for equipment. Using them means freeing up your ground game for other exciting endeavors.
  2. Quiet as a Mouse: By taking it to the top, noise disturbances often drop significantly. A win-win for all!
  3. Safety First: Being on the roof means reduced public access. Translation? Less chance for any unwanted mishaps or interference.
The Challenges:
  1. Strength Check: Before the party can start, you need to ensure the roof is up for it – handling equipment weight and vibrations is no joke.
  2. Elemental Exposure: Equipment up here is dancing in the rain, sun, or snow. Think about any protective measures needed.
  3. Access Adventures: While they’re safe from unwanted visitors, remember that your trusted technicians will need a good path up there.
My Take? If you’re looking to maximize space and love the idea of elevated equipment, this is your answer. Just plan well, and the sky is the limit (literally)!
Wrapping it up:
Every choice has its flair, its challenges, and its fantastic features. The key is aligning your specific needs with what each type offers. And always remember, no matter the choice, quality and safety are paramount. Your equipment deserves the best seat in the house, whether it’s pitched, flat, or rooftop.
Cheers to finding the perfect spot for your mechanical wonders! And always, always elevate your equipment game!
Until next time,

Cully Cangelosi
President, Platform Pro

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