About Us

PlatForm Pro's mission is to provide the highest quality roof top equipment stands. To exceed our customers expectations keeping cost low and fast lead times.

Cully Cangelosi

As a professional roofing contractor in New Orleans for 15 years. I kept running into the problem associated with having to remove condenser units from residential roofs before we could replace the roof. The only options were to build a platform out of wood or to have a fabrication shop build one. This was very expensive and generally took 4-6 weeks to fabricate. I started designing a platform that I would want to use. It had to be adjustable, could be flashed correctly, never had to be removed again when re-roofing.

After several years, I came up with the current design. There was a lot of trial and error and many changes from the original concept. I initially thought I was solving a local problem in New Orleans. But, I quickly learned this was a problem facing HVAC and Roofing Contractors nationwide. So I patented the idea, which was a complex and long process. But, thanks to the great patent agent. He helped and explained things along the way and understood the concept. We currently have our products installed 9 different states. The original idea has morphed into other great products. With a 2 year setback, we are coming back stronger than ever. I want to thank all past customers. I value your business and look forward helping you with future projects. If you are a new customer, we are here to help any way we can.


What we offer?

Platform Pro is the first AC roof platform that does not have to be removed when re-roofing. With our patented design, you simply replace the four split boots on each leg and you’re done. It is that easy! PlatForm Pro is adjustable from 0/12 to 12/12 roof pitches and can be leveled on uneven roof surfaces.

PlatForm Pro’s unique patented design allows for a quick and easy installation. PlatForm Pro can be easily and properly flashed with current market split boots. All the necessary hardware to assemble PlatForm Pro is included in each kit. PlatForm Pro requires approximately 1 hour to assemble and install, depending on pitch. The design meets flashing height requirements for low slope roof systems and can be properly flashed to any roof. PlatForm Pro’s systems are 100% recyclable and environmental friendly. They are UV resistant, never rot and never leaks! PlatForm Pro is revolutionizing the platform world with it’s patented design.

The Future

PlatForm Pro is a permanent and adjustable solution to rooftop HVAC installations. You’ll no longer have to remove your platform or condenser unit when re-roofing which saves time, money, and wear and tear on your roof and condenser units. PlatForm Pro provides rooftop condenser stands, swamp cooler stands, service platforms, crossover, platforms, roof access platforms, and much more.

Platform Pro is revolutionizing the platform world and will continue to be innovative and are up for the challenge to solve future problems. More products will be coming soon.